In our portfolio of references there are huge number of luxury yachts from 40 to 100 meters, which work on our systems. We possess all the knowledge and experience needed in the installation of the new construction of yachts, but also the ships refit. Our quality has been recognized in several European shipyards


There are various possibilities to watch and listen to a variety of contents, easy to use them and enjoy your home. Our design team will closely observe your wishes and choose adequate equipment that considers the capabilities and budgets.


We are able to integrate all systems into single, extremely easy to manage. From that point everyone will be able to manage all aspects of the system using touch screen or tablet, regardless of age and technology propensity.

Intelligent systems

We are able to offer a wide range of experience of home cinemas. From simple system in the living room for everyday use, to premium cinema in a separate rooms. Our team has worked some of the best home cinemas in Europe which gives us necessary experience for perfect results.

Home Cinemas

Our experts have all the necessary permits for the installation of top security solutions. In accordance with the required variety protection, our experts make solution that will protect your yacht. Among our references there are many office buildings, luxury villas, embassies and yachts


To make the interior beautiful, it is necessary to use all the beauty of lights. Our lighting designers will create a solution that fits the interior and the automation experts will make easy operation that allows you to change the ambience completely in just one click.

Lightening design and menagement

Discover the perfect balance between lighting solutions and natural light with a motorized, if necessary, automated blinds and curtains. Such solutions will improve the comfort of your home, but also to preserve the valuable objects from unwanted exposure to the sun at certain time of the day.

Blinds design and menagement

Today is very common to have access to the Internet from every corner of your home. Except that, we will do that all your confidential data remains safe and that your family has a safe access to the Internet.

Networks & IT

Almost every segment is unique. When you find out what we are able to make, you will present us your wishes. Our team of experts will develop a particular solution, tailored to the task. For us, production of tailor-made solutions is a special challenge and satisfaction.

Custom integrations

Structured cabling is the backbone of your system. Therefore, we design the infrastructure of cable so that we avoid any interference, and your object so ready for future upgrades. When all the cables are placed properly, the end connections are set up by our technicians, under the supervision of the Project Manager.

Cabling system


We make difference in your yacht, turning an ordinary boat into something really special. From the simple to the most demanding projects, we are able to offer a system that perfectly suits your demanding and wishes. From the first consultation up to the end, we are with you at every step, in order to achieve exactly what you want.

Consultation with the client

The first step is a meeting with one of our specialists so that we understand your vision of the project, your lifestyle and requirements. This step is crucial in order to get information on how to use particular areas, and to offer options to meet your expectations. We present the product we choose, and the reasons why we choose them. At this stage, we will present examples of the draft and how the project needs to be developed.

Conceptual solution

Using the guidelines written in the previous consultation, our designers will design a system that meets all requirements and set parameters. For the project, we select only the equipment that has already been tested and evaluated by our engineers.

Main projects

When you decide that a System Integrator is contractor on your project, the designers will develop the project to the last detail, to make the entire system successfully implemented. Part of our projects are wiring diagrams, detailed blueprints for engineers working on the project, drawings of mechanical equipment, calculations on the weight and dimension of the equipment, the calculations of the expected release of heat from the equipment so that we foresee adequate ventilation, and many other important details that will allow unrestricted operation of your system.

Project Management

Our project manager will manage the project from start to the end. His main task is to deliver the project within the given time and budget. As a team leader, he will manage people from our design department, engineering, installation and programming. Our project manager is in constant contact with other contractors on the project in order to align the dynamics and work plan. In addition, the project manager will regularly send reports to the client, so the client would be constantly informed about the progress of the project.

Cabling system

Structured cabling is the main thing of your system . Therefore, we design the infrastructure of cable so that we avoid any interference, and make your object ready for future upgrades. When all the cables are placed properly, the end connections are set up by our technicians, under the supervision of the Project Manager.

System configuration

Your system is assembled and programmed at our headquarters, which is called the client or his representative in order to present the work of the system. In this way, the client can immediately see how the system will work, and open up the possibility of any changes to the client's requests, in order to fully meet customer expectations. In this way, we reduce the time necessary for a successful installation of the facility.

Installation of the system

Once all required cables are laid and tested, it's time to deliver equipment to the facility and install the system. A / V sources and automation equipment is placed in a rack system tailor-made project, all speakers and television are set, considering tidiness.


Programmer places all the elements of your system in a single control panel that can be part of your system, or what is our common case, he will offer management using your tablet or smartphone. Only programming consists of two levels. First, programmer performs writing complex programs that mean a number of actions to be performed with only one key press, for example, by pressing certain keys, you will turn on your TV and home cinema system, shut down all necessary lights, close the curtains and lock the front door. The second part of the programming is adjusting the user interface to suit your individual requirements.


Although we use only selected and quality products in our projects, our systems still require some form of maintenance. After the warranty period expires, we are able to offer you a maintenance contract to make you carefree enjoy you system.


In this case, the System Integrator has been contacted by the captain of the yacht. The captain brought the problems with the work of Audio / Video equipment, and complicated management of that system. The request was to settle the crowd with cable system, and that system leads to a very simple control, so that all guests could independently manage media content and home theater systems.

A particular challenge was to work on a yacht that was built few years ago, because we did not know the real state of the cable infrastructure, and project documentation ship dID not contain the actual state of the installation.

The proposed solution

Our project manager suggested that the release of our engineers on the yacht determines the true state of prefabricated cables, and the development of the project so that our technicians know which of the necessary infrastructure we have available, and what we need to add.

The proposal contained the replacement of certain equipment to that provided for such projects, which is compatible with the systems for easy management. As an integrated system, we selected world renowned manufacturer Control4. The captain agreed with the proposal, so we went to work.